The Mental Approach to Healthy Eating

What people tell me all the time, “I want to get in shape or lose weight. I can workout, I mean anyone can do that. But I want to eat. I love food.”

HELLO! So do I. I love everything about food. I could tell you a great burger I ate 3 years ago. In serious detail. No I am not kidding! I am a foodie. So what happened? How was I able to reach my goals?

I changed my relationship with food. I still eat everything. Just in Moderation. And heres the Best part. I feel 100 times better and I saw RESULTS in the workouts I was putting in. Like REALLY FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC results.


  1. Set SMART Goals. SMART-goals.pngSet clear and realistic goals. Also set goals that you may have for your body and plan your diet around those goals. Set present, short term, and long term goals. And take one at a time. Trying to change too much at once could make you frustrated and you quit.
  2. Be Realistic with your Expectations. One bad meal didn’t make you gain weight. You won’t lose it with just one Healthy Meal. Change takes time.
  3. Be Proactive. PLAN your meals Plan your day. Yes shit happens but the better prepared you are the easier it is to stick with it!
  4. Consistency is Key. People form habits so if you do similar things daily they will stick. Pick certain times to eat. Try eating the same thing at those time for a few days.
  5. Learn to be Flexible. Just because you decided to change your lifestyle does not mean that you have to miss out on the fun. Eating out. Check out the menu on line base your choice off that. Plan ahead if you are heading somewhere.
  6. Don’t be hard on yourself! You’re human. We make mistakes.
  7. Dont quit on yourself. You fall of the wagon? That sucks. Just get back on. \
  8. Have Fun. change is hard. Try new recipes eat new foods.
  9. Be Your own Cheerleader! Give yourself praise. This is hard, change is hard. but look at you doing something good for yourself and eating healthy! You got this.
  10. Reward yourself! Reach your goal. Do something great for yourself. NOT FOOD> take the celebration out of eating. Food is fun! I will give you that. But you don’t need a cake because you met your goal. Love shoes? Get a new pair. You get the idea.
  11. Do NOT Compare yourself to anyone else! We all have different body types. We all lose and gain at different rates and YOU are doing AMAZING things for yourself. Seriously! This one was the hardest. But get your head in the game. Congratulate yourself for making your own progress and cheer on your friend for theirs.
  12. You Reached your Goal. Set a new one. CRUSH IT!




Remember YOU CAN DO THIS! Just get started. Find support. Meet your Goals.


Join Me! 

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