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A LOT of people think Shakeology is just a PROTEIN SHAKE….and often say …”WHY would I pay that much for a protein shake?” NOT realizing that Shakeology is a nutrient DENSE SUPERFOOD SHAKE. Really its like drinking a HUGE multivitamin and a TON of veggies in the form of chocolate or caffe latte, vanilla, strawberry.

SECOND most common misconception is that you just drink a shake for a “meal” and then feel hungry before your next meal ….ALSO– could NOT be more FALSE! Shakeology is as clean, organic, low glycemic index shake on the market. It actually keeps you content in between meals.

Darin Olien, one of Shakeologys’ creators says, “You either pay the Farmer, or you will pay the Doctor. Either way you pay.” The choice is really yours but I know what I pick. Besides Endometriosis, which is really out of my control. I am never sick. I don’t have the time to be going to the doctors. Have you ever done that with kids? No thank you! 

Did you know The NUMBER 1 KILLER in America is food related disease? Which we can fix. We can control that. We can chose to do better! So why aren’t we? I know from experience with my endometriosis that when i’m eating clean healthy meals I feel 10 times better! The pain is less the exhaustion goes down, I am all around happier. Which is better for everyone lol.

When you take the cost of a bag and break it down with the 30 meals you are getting for me it is less than $4 a day. That is it! $4 a day to feel healthier, more energized, less bloated, better digestion.  It helps me with cravings. Did you know your body only craves food when it is lacking something, weird right?

Do you think a fast cheap way is to get the drive through. Have you been through fast food lately?  I went to chick-fil-a today for a play date for my daughter. She got a kids meal I got the grilled chicken nuggets and a side salad meal our bill was $15.27. Ummm that is not cheap and even though I picked a healthier option. I did not feel all that great after.

 What’s great about it for me is it’s easy! Some morning are super hectic. Ok most are. I have kids going to bus stops a preschool drop off. A baby being dropped off. We’re busy. So is everyone else. How many of you sacrifice your health to get your kids fed and out the door. Grabbing the first shitty food you can find cause your a hangry beast? Or just drinking coffee and skipping breakfast all together. Well say goodbye to your metabolism! 

This delicious shake takes me seconds when I have zero time to throw together. A minute when I want to make it fancy. 


Here is an independent clinical study was performed on Shakeology, the amazing results of which are shared in this short video:


This is a funny (and short) video I thought you’d enjoy that really speaks volumes about the value of the ingredients in Shakeology.


Want to give it a try?

Go here.

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