Day One Again.

You guys… doing it again started a new day one of an old time favorite workout. Here’s what I found out about myself last month.

A. I need to follow a workout plan and not pick a different one every day. I don’t do well I tend to slack off everywhere when I do. But hey at least I was doing something. Am I right? 

B. I cannot eat nothing but carbs on vacation. My body doesn’t like it. Way too bloated. Eat more salads when vacationing 

C. Pack shakeology for vacation. Less bloating. Less me going crazy on carbs

D. You can be on your A Game all the time. A nice break was wonderful. And I am completely ready to go all in! 

So here I am. All in with The 21 Day Fix Extreme. 

I am following the meal plan and everything. Including the countdown to Competition plan.

This is basically a carb depleting program. 2 days on 1 day off. It’s a ton of food! I could not fit it all in and just eat when I am hungry. At the beginning of Day 3 I am down 3 lbs already. My bloating went down and I feel a little better.

Now will everyone get these results? Who knows I was extremely bloated. My body does not do too well with white flour which is the reason why I tend to eat it sparingly. 

Here’s to staying in this plan for the whole 21 days. Weekends will be rough. Can’t wait to share results!

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