Let’s talk water…
Are you drinking enough? Well good rule of thumb your weight divided by 2. That number is the number in ounces your body needs!
Working out or sweating? Add some more!
💧first off you need it to live 😂

💧clearer skin 

💧may lose weight sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger 🤔

💧prevent cancer and other disease

💧flush out waste and bacteria 

💧prevent joint pain

💧you’ll be happier

💧better performance 😜

💧prevent headaches they can come due to dehydration!

You’re body needs it! You are mostly made from water. So drink up.
Take a water with you! I always carry this bad boy. 
Don’t like it? Tough love here suck it up butter cup and drink. No crystal light is not the same thing. You just added some chemicals into your fuel. Same with that mio. You just changed the structure of your water. It’s not the same 👌🏻🤗.
How can you flavor your water? Well add some real fruit 

Some mint, even cucumber🥒. Citrus is great in water. Mine in a washed line cut in half and tossed in. 
Drink up bitches 😘

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