Finding balance in the chaos…

A lot of what I do involves balancing it out. Finding the right time To fit everything in. Yes I’m a stay at home mom. I also am a nanny, a blogger, a farmer, a cook, a maid, at times a monster fighter and a nurse, a Beachbody coach. That list goes on and on. I am busy as hell. My husband is out of town 4 days a week and I work on weekends. 

My life is currently like this 

I will pick up that Tupperware 25 times today. That’s ok. It’s what I do, and I manage sometimes better than others. So how do I make it work?

I get time for me by getting up early and squeezing in my workout. Yes I’m tired but this is the only time I’ll get to fit it in.

If I let myself sleep then nap time is workout time. Working out is my frog so I get that done first if not I will do anything and everything to avoid it (wondering what I’m talking about check out Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog)

Business wise everything is planned out.  

It needs to happen like this or it won’t get done. I coach because I 😍 love it! It’s a passion so I make time for it. I fit it in when we can I make this work with my schedule. 

Everything needs to have a plan to run smoothly if I can get this done. So can you! And I really want to help. Seriously


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