One week of Core De Force

It’s been a week. I started to follow the portion meal plan again. Kinda… the weekend wasn’t the best, but I’ve had worse. I didn’t skip a workout. And I really enjoy them! 

I did not think this workout would be for me. MMA usually has me feeling awkward and tripping over myself. I always feel like I cannot keep up and I don’t like feeling like I’m missing steps. I know it does not have to be perfect, but if your constantly stumbling over the steps how are you doing them effectively enough to see any results? 

Well they break it down really well they even do an “instructional” video on some of them so you can really get the most of the moves. I did not do those 😳. Hahahahaha 😂 I just like to get to the workout I don’t want to add another minute. I know ridiculous. But whatever. The workouts are fun. They range in time from 27-47 min and even the 47 min one seems to go by quickly. Which I like! I have been so spoiled with 22 min workouts I wasn’t sure how that was going to go. 

You feel bad ass and it’s a calorie torcher. 

I see results. I believe the best way to measure is picture. I have no idea what the scale difference would be and I really don’t care right now. I’m happy where I’m at 😝🤗.

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