Sticking with your Resolutions…

We are 6 days into the New Year, how many of you are sticking to your resolutions? How many of you are waiting for Monday?

My question.

Why wait?

Get started NOW… Make the resolutions have for yourself almost like baby steps. Don’t start out as wanting to run a marathon when you’ve never run in your life!

Want to get healthy? Why not start with eliminating one thing at a time. Take all the bad slowly out of your diet. Start by drinking just water. Taking cream out of your coffee. Not drinking pop. Simple right?

Want to start working out? Join a gym or don’t work out in your living room! Thats what I do. But no one said that you have to go balls to the walls and start your fitness program at 6 days a week. Now I know a lot of the calendars I follow you do that type of schedule. But it is perfectly ok to start out with 3 to 4 days a week and work your way up. This isn’t a sprint you will get there and sometimes this change takes time. Will you see better results if you do the schedule perfectly? Probably. But who cares? Follow your own race. Make a plan that will work for you and stick with it!

Want to limit screen time? There are apps that will lock you out of games and social media… to name a few. flipd, appdetox, Stay on Task, BreakFree, Moment, Offtime. You can use these to limit the amount of time you spend in an app or block out times that you don’t want to be on them. Or simply put your phone away! Out of site out of mind! This one was big for me. Those sites are addictive and when your business is constantly needing to be present you it puts pressure on you to do that. But heres the thing. Family is more important. Step away from the Screen! And have time with the ones you love.

Want to stop swearing? Good luck I failed at this hahahahahahahah

Do something unexpected that others will not expect. Pay it forward.

See something in yourself that you want to improve? Read or listen to Personal Development! Yes I am serious… A few I love… I use the app audible to download and listen!

  • You Are a Bad Ass by Jen Sincero -
  • Eat that frog by Brian Tracy –
  • Compound Effect by Darren Hardy –
  • The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon –
  • The Aladdin Factor by Mark victor Hansen and Jack Canfield –


Don’t have a resolution yet? Make one now. Remember that it is supposed to be something that makes you a better person then you were before. To improve your quality of life. And make this year great!

What are some of your resolutions?




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