Where does the Motivation to workout come from?

Motivation… AHHHHH the desire to do something.

This (You know Motivation) is what people say they lack for as to why they can’t do a workout, but then bitch all the time about wanting to lose weight, get in shape, grow their booty, or generally just feel better about themselves. People say to me I don’t have your motivation to do what you do every day.  Well let me tell you,  some days I do not want to workout either. Alright most days I don’t want to, so how do you keep up with and and continue to follow the program every day?

This is going to sound ridic… Are you Ready?!

You just do it!

Im 100% serious. There is no picture, or no person that can make you. Sure people can inspire you to want to change. To want to take the steps in the direction to actually workout and eat better. They can be there to support you when you do decide to do something about it. To change your lifestyle. They can be your backbone and someone to check in with you. Hold your hand through the process so to speak.

But Ultimately it is up to YOU. Just pull up your big girl/ big boy pants up. And you do the damn thing.

With me a big part of the Motivation, comes from a really great want to achieve it and a strong reason why I started in the first place. There is also Fear of losing everything I have worked so hard for. Because let me tell you this is not easy. Showing up all the time and putting a conscience effort into your health is not easy.

You know what else isn’t easy? Hating the way you look and lacking confidence, feeling uncomfortable in your skin.

So I will leave you from one of my favorite quotes by one of my fave trainers Autumn Calabrese “Working out is Hard, being unhealthy and unhappy is hard. Pick your hard.”

There has to come a moment when you are just ready to make the steps necessary to Change.


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