Omg I suck with this! When I feel like poo I don’t want to update everyone I get trapped in this funk. Seriously! Stupid. 

So I was having issues Where they thought it was kidneys possibly, but none of the tests were showing that and I had a bunch. So annoying. Meet with my pcp she believes it’s related again to endometriosis, it always comes back to that. 

Now I’m waiting for a medicine called Lupron. To medically shut down my ovaries again as a last attempt before surgery. So ladies… If you have tried this contact me please because I want to know how you reacted to it. Generally I don’t react well to meds.

Fitness wise, I’m still working on myself. I can’t push as hard. But i still try just finished week 4 of 22 min hard corps after doing 4 weeks of piyo. 

Seeing some results but feeling pretty stuck, it’s hard, when you’re doing exactly what you did last year and can’t get back.

Today I started the 3 day refresh again. Hoping to eliminate some of my symptoms. Day one is going ok, skipped on the pizza I fed the kids which sucks but hey. I need to feel better! Hopefully between this and the Lupron I can get back to fee lining semi decent!

Some of my meals for the day!


Morning fiber drink helps you stay full

Din din 

I also had a lunch of berries with vanilla shake. Some avacado and bell pepper. 

Snack of coconut roasted cauliflower and hot tea throughout the day!

I’ll keep you updated on how I feel after. 

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