Core De Force Test Group

Hey everyone!

Have you heard of Beachbodys new program Core De Force? No… Check it out.

For the first time ever I wanted to see if you all would be interested in trying it out for the first time right along with me? I will be running a Test Group Starting on Monday November 14th. So what are the release details?

You can get the challenge pack for Core De Force on Halloween. Challenge pack is the workout. Portion Control Containers. 30 Day supply of Shakeology and a shaker cup. You can get just the base kit of only the workout Starting November 1st!

About the workout…

Zero Equipment required! You will be using your own body weight to tone up. The workouts range from 30-45 minutes and you do 1 workout a day 7 days a week for 30 days. There is someone in the videos moddifying all the moves so really all fitness  levels can join. They recommend 6 feet of space!

Want to join me?

Fill this out so I can contact you!!

Can’t wait to get started on this one! I am so ready to get back at it!

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