I haven’t blogged in close to a month. Sorry about that. I have been going through some things. I feel like that’s happening a ton lately. 

I am a fitness coach, I want to help people get in shape and feel good. Frankly I have not felt “good” in I don’t even know how long. That’s sad I’m 31. I take care of myself eat pretty healthy and workout. I’m supposed to feel amazing. 

I told my success partners, I feel like a fake. In reality, I know that this isn’t true that the health issues are completely out of my control and I’m working on getting better. I know I would feel way worse if I wasn’t in as good of shape as I am right now. But the mental struggle is there. 

I thought everything going on was related to endometreosis, but this is an entire new ballgame. Something else is happening. Telling you what that is right now is impossible, I have an appt on the 17th with a nephrologist so I hope to find out more. (Vague I know). I’m in pain most of the time and the exhaustion is ridiculous.

Workouts right now are piyo, I switched to low impact anything intense takes me out. And that sucks because I prefer the more intense but I can’t just do nothing. Nutrition isn’t the worst lol but I comfort myself with food, I always have.  I try to make the best choices possible doesn’t work out like that always.

So to fellow coaches, challengers, and friends I want to thank you for keeping me going and for your support. I hope to be up to par soon. I hate that I’m taking two steps forward and one back. But I’m not going anywhere. 


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