Update on Me…

I was feeling great. My boobs started to go down which is sad, but they weren’t hurting. My energy was back up. My weight was heading back down. Sweet! Right? Eating right and the low impact workouts were really helping. This lasted about 2-3 weeks. So yay…

This past Friday my boobs hurt again. WTF I weigh more today. Not much but still blah. Super frustrating. I do admit I was not 100% on point with my diet this weekend. I was super busy and super active Wedding Friday, Saturday we had to pick up a patio set after leaving the hotel, get the kids, cheer game where I worked concession, then I worked at 5pm, Sunday I doubled. BUSY!

I should have maintained weight. I lost in my measurements still, so this whole situation is so weird!  And I am exhausted.

I really hope this isn’t my new norm when I should be cycling. Its not fun. I do know I need to stick to eating clean. I def feel the best when my diet is on point. Its hard to do all the time, but if it helps I need to just freaking do it. I will start planning better!

Endometriosis… You can kiss my ass. I am done with you

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