Week 2 of Country Heat

Time is flying! These workouts are fun and I am starting to feel like me again! However I made the mistake of going back through past result pics… Yeah not a great Idea. Trying to keep myself mentally in the game, but damn wtf did I do? I worked so hard to get where I was!

I was in way better shape before all of this mess with the medicine change and ect. I am starting to not feel sick or as tired. But I think that I may need to do a 3 day refresh soon to get my body back on track completely.

But the bonus is I am working my way back to where I was and Country Heat is Perfect for my current situation. Intense workouts were not doing anything before and I think by the time I finish I amy need to go back to where I was. Exciting!

I know Im a loser lol.

Here are my results this week, so I lost .2 lbs. I was not completely on Point this weekend. But its still a loss and I did not gain so! WINNING I am also down 1.25 inches which to me is more important than the scale! Grand total….

3.6 lbs and 5.75 inches

Exciting stuff right? !!!

Join me!!

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