Country Heat

The newest #1 workout in Beachbody! Lead by Autumn Calabrese. It is a country line dance inspired workout. Basically you do 2 8 counts, 8 times. Then put the 2 moves together for 8 8 counts. Then you move on. At the end it is not put together into a dance. So you don’t have to try to remember all the moves. This is a plus. Because I probably wouldn’t anyway…

Each workout ranges around 30 min and the plan is for 30 days. You workout 6 days a week and rest 1.

There are 5 routines, and a dance conditioning workout. You follow a dance a day and then in week 2, you add the dance conditioning in on top of the routine 2 days a week. So you would double those days. Don’t worry, it is only 24 minutes!

Nutrition is the same portion control plan as the 21 day fix. Why change something that works? Am I right?

My thoughts…

When they put out this workout, I thought it was a joke. LOL I am serious. If you see the original preview you’ll understand why…


I really did not have any interest in doing it. I love country music and I love to dance. But this did not seem like my thing. Or so I thought, I had to try it! I was not feeling great, the intense workouts were currently too much for me. My body was not cooperating with them weight was going up and I was getting more tired so I got it!

So far I am having so much fun. I have been getting up at 530am to get my workouts in and I feel good after they are done, not exhausted. My body is starting to feel normal again! FINALLY! Maybe it was telling me to take it easy or its just getting itself back in order after getting off of Letrozole. Who knows?

My weight has been going up since April and although my nutrition has been a bit off, with the types of workouts I have been doing it really should have maintained. So something has been going on!

I made the decision to do this since its low impact and I know the meal plan well! I put all my extreme workouts on hold and went to work!

The results after week 1 I was pleasantly surprised! I am down 3.4 lbs and 4.5 inches. I followed the meal plan strictly for 6 days and on rest day let myself slack a bit. I was not expecting this at all! So I cannot wait to see how I do after the full 30.

You can see a difference in my pictures.

Most of all, I am loving feeling good again! It’s so frustrating when you take care of yourself and still feel terrible! So out of all the awesome results that is my favorite!

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