Where have I been? 

Well still posting on Facebook still working out and sharing that. But I have stepped back. I have taken some serious time to decide to post this. And I don’t usually share my personal life until I can help others with lessons I’ve learned. 

So here’s what’s going on. 

(If you are a guy and read my blog thanks! But I am going to be talking about woman issues here.)

I have Endometreosis, some of you would know that reading it in the past here! In 2014 I opted to have a partial hysterectomy. I could not live the way I was anymore. At the time of the month cramps were like contractions during labor and I suffered along with everyone around me. I was in pain and miserable. Migraines would last weeks along with that. I would visualize me ripping someone’s face off I was hurting and checking out often. Terrible and no way to live. So at 29 I went for the surgery.

This worked I felt pretty great at first. Then stabbing pain straight through the night once a month. I would sob in my bathroom in hopes that my kids wouldn’t hear. Leading me to going from dr to dr to figure out what was happening. Here every time I was ovulating it would cause this stabbing reaction. 

I had 2 choices, take a pill that puts you in medical menopause or remove my ovaries. The last one is scary. I mean what if you still feel terrible and it’s not like you can put them back?

I decided the medicine. Took some time then I was a psycho Hahahaha. Exhausted hot flashes crying mess. I was in menopause. I’m 30 at this point ridiculous. We worked on the dosage and I dropped the mg some. Worked for a bit! My energy picked up. Then I started losing chunks of hair. And the pain started to come back. Oh another bonus, this medicine, they have no idea of its long term effects. No idea what it’s doing to my body. May 14th this year I decided to stop. 

Well it takes time for hormonal meds to get out of your system. 

What’s happening now? 

I start getting nauseous, tired, my boobs hurt and are bigger, and I’m putting on weight. I know the bigger boobs part is pretty awesome! But they freaking hurt! Like bad and I feel terrible. 

Drs here we come yay! I hear words like breast cancer and Lymes disease. I have to go to mammograms and blood tests all showing nothing thank god! 

Well, my body basically thinks it’s pregnant. Since I stopped taking the hormone blocking pill my ovaries are going nuts. I get all the symptoms of a pregnancy with zero possiblity of having an actual baby! Talk about a mind fuck here I was already thinking I made a mistake by taking away my ability to have kids and I have the symptoms of pregnancy!  I was a mess. I kind of still am but I’m working through it! 

I should hopefully be some what normal in a few weeks! And we will see what’s happening then! 

I should have researched endometreosis more and what could possibly happen  after the surgery. But I’m learning now and working through this all! Thanks for everyone who still follows along with my journey 


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