22 min Hard Corps results and review 

I did it!!! I finished. Let me tell you this program was short. The moves simple yet effective. The workout to me never really got easy. Since you are working out such a short amount of time the intensity needs to be a bit higher!

There are 8 total workouts.

Resistance 1,2, &3

Cardio 1,2, &3

Core 1 &2

You do a day of resistance then a day of cardio and an optional core or vise versa. For 6 days and have a day off. This goes on for 8 weeks. 

Meal plan. Very similar to the 21 day fix but he t lose you what containers to eat for each meal. If that does not work for you, then you can by all means go to what does and pick what containers to eat throughout the day!

I did not follow the meal plan 100% I live in moderation 🙂 and I feel great!

Weight wide I went up a little more than q pound but shrank in inches. Don’t rely so heavily on the scale!!
At the end of this workout you have the option of the Hell Week Challenge! This is days where you are doing 2 cardiosucks and a core and then the next 2 resistance all for a week. Totaling 18 workouts in 7 days! 

I did it in glad it’s over but I did it lol!  

I have not done afters from this yet! I will sometime today or tomorrow 🙂 then I plan on starting my next workout. Always have a plan on what your starting next so you don’t get trapped in a rut! 
I loved how quick these workouts went and I didn’t feel bored at all. I think this is a great way to fit in a plan when you are super busy! And I enjoyed Tony Horton in this one. Normally I can’t take his jokes and meowing… No I’m not kidding! He is an awesome trainer though and knows what to do! I will def do this one again!

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