Cost what do you get with a Beachbody Challenge Pack

Touchy subject… Right? Money…

One of the biggest objections I get is cost. This shit can get expensive! I know and initially before I started this whole coaching thing. I thought the same EXACT thing. Yeah right! I am not paying that much for a workout. I can go to target and get one for $10. But then you get sick of the workout. You have no idea when to do what. So you go and buy more.

Shakeology that is so expensive, I refuse to buy that. Umm now I have been drinking it every single day for 2.5 yrs. HAHAHA

Its easy for me and I know the quality is great, Mornings are usually my busiest time getting the kids ready and me. Plus I’m a zombie so, it works if not I end up not eating and a hargry beast. I took it to a certified nutritionist who said its great and he would recommend even feeding it to my kiddos. They get sips sometimes but that is mommas!

So with this objection. I wanted to break down the cost of our Challenge Packs… which is the workout and Shakeology bundled together!

What do you get…

  • The workout of your choice (this is usually 6+ different videos for each program)
  • Some of them come with equipment like bands
  • Workout Calendar (tells you exactly what to do each day)
  • Meal plan (hmmm what to eat and sometimes the containers for measuring)
  • Shakeology (nutrition dense Shake, plus this is 30 of your meals. Making your life slightly easier)
  • A coach. (Me or whoever you pick to do that) This is support, accountability, and tips that we have to help you stay on track!!
  • 30 Day Money back guarantee! You don’t like it, send it back!

There are so many different workouts!!

Check all of the Challenge Packs out HERE!

Ready to join me in an accountability group?

Tell me more about you!

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