What’s stopping you?

How many of you get intimidated to join me? You’ve been following along and think “that’s not something I could do, I’ll never be like that!” 

Well let me start by saying stop comparing!!! I did not start here! I never shared in the beginning I had zero confidence. I once had a muffin top, I never thought I would have abs. I used to face plant trying to do push-ups! No I’m not kidding ask my hubby! I was never athletic, and my idea of a workout was taking the stairs. I was the one that would go jogging with friends and not even a block in be like can we walk?
How many of you think home programs don’t work? Ummm they work if you do! Proof is in the picture 😘. These programs save me!!
How many of you think “I don’t have the time.” My current workout is 22 min! That is nothing. I am busy too I made it a priority to be healthy! 
What changed with me? My perspective… I was devastated when I lost my Father. I know my family’s health history and I refuse to be that statistic. 
I seriously believe everyone should workout! Skinny does not mean healthy, heart attacks happen to everyone and you cannot see what’s going on in your body! 
Now I’m going to offer you a chance to join me! Stop thinking of excuses of why you shouldn’t and think of the reasons why you should! I want you all to be confident, happy and healthy! 

Go here so we can get started

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