Learning to love you

Part of a fitness journey is learning to love yourself. To believe that you will be able to do this. To have confidence. To learn that this process is not a straight edge line but all over the place. This is a freaking Roller Coaster. And so is your will to want to walk this healthy lifestyle is everything.

I decided to make a change in my lifestyle over 7 yrs ago. Yes it took me a while to get the negative bitch that said, I would never be good enough out of my head. When you are at this point. Nothing anyone can say to you matters. Well the good anyway, the bad sticks to you like glue.

I was tired of hating my body, literally refusing to change in front of my husband. Do you know how that feels to want to hide from the man you swore to spend the rest of your life with?  The man that sees your body as the place that brought you his children. But you don’t think of it like that. You just can’t, thats bullshit.  It’s awful and no one should feel like that. Having babies completely changes your body, but you brought a gift into the world you should embrace that. You have tiger stripes be proud!

Over the years my perception of perfect have changed, I want to be happy and healthy. I want to be fit.  I see all forms as beautiful. I don’t shame I haven’t walked in your shoes and I don’t know what you are going through. But I do believe everyone should workout in some way! WHY??? Well for starters working out brings confidence. It brings energy. It reduces stress and helps you sleep. But also, you can be the tiniest person and still be unhealthy. You can’t see your heart. That is so important. You cannot see what is going on inside of you.

When I invite people to join me in a challenge, its because I want everyone to feel good about themselves. I want everyone to have the support the team I am on brings. And I think everyone should workout. If you ever receive a message from me asking you to join me. This is why…

Ready to Love yourself and make the changes to living a healthier life?


Are you at this point and want to join me in my journey of helping others?! I want to hear from you!!



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