Cost what do you get with a Beachbody Challenge Pack

Touchy subject… Right? Money…

One of the biggest objections I get is cost. This shit can get expensive! I know and initially before I started this whole coaching thing. I thought the same EXACT thing. Yeah right! I am not paying that much for a workout. I can go to target and get one for $10. But then you get sick of the workout. You have no idea when to do what. So you go and buy more.

Shakeology that is so expensive, I refuse to buy that. Umm now I have been drinking it every single day for 2.5 yrs. HAHAHA

Its easy for me and I know the quality is great, Mornings are usually my busiest time getting the kids ready and me. Plus I’m a zombie so, it works if not I end up not eating and a hargry beast. I took it to a certified nutritionist who said its great and he would recommend even feeding it to my kiddos. They get sips sometimes but that is mommas!

So with this objection. I wanted to break down the cost of our Challenge Packs… which is the workout and Shakeology bundled together!

What do you get…

  • The workout of your choice (this is usually 6+ different videos for each program)
  • Some of them come with equipment like bands
  • Workout Calendar (tells you exactly what to do each day)
  • Meal plan (hmmm what to eat and sometimes the containers for measuring)
  • Shakeology (nutrition dense Shake, plus this is 30 of your meals. Making your life slightly easier)
  • A coach. (Me or whoever you pick to do that) This is support, accountability, and tips that we have to help you stay on track!!
  • 30 Day Money back guarantee! You don’t like it, send it back!

There are so many different workouts!!

Check all of the Challenge Packs out HERE!

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What’s stopping you?

How many of you get intimidated to join me? You’ve been following along and think “that’s not something I could do, I’ll never be like that!” 

Well let me start by saying stop comparing!!! I did not start here! I never shared in the beginning I had zero confidence. I once had a muffin top, I never thought I would have abs. I used to face plant trying to do push-ups! No I’m not kidding ask my hubby! I was never athletic, and my idea of a workout was taking the stairs. I was the one that would go jogging with friends and not even a block in be like can we walk?
How many of you think home programs don’t work? Ummm they work if you do! Proof is in the picture 😘. These programs save me!!
How many of you think “I don’t have the time.” My current workout is 22 min! That is nothing. I am busy too I made it a priority to be healthy! 
What changed with me? My perspective… I was devastated when I lost my Father. I know my family’s health history and I refuse to be that statistic. 
I seriously believe everyone should workout! Skinny does not mean healthy, heart attacks happen to everyone and you cannot see what’s going on in your body! 
Now I’m going to offer you a chance to join me! Stop thinking of excuses of why you shouldn’t and think of the reasons why you should! I want you all to be confident, happy and healthy! 

Go here so we can get started

Small steps!

“There is No One GIANT step that does it, it’s a lot of little steps.” -Peter A. Cohen

– year can make a big difference. Sometimes you can’t even see the changes you made until you take a peek back. But the thought process is to always move forward one day at a time!
Think your ready to make small steps in a different direction? Join me on May 30th together we can change!

Week 6 of #22minutehardcorps done!!


“There is no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.”

I have stretch marks I used to despise them, but that hate had something more to do with how I felt about myself. I’ve grown now I just think of it as my babies gave me character πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ». Hahahaha. Be perfect in your imperfections. Week 6 almost finished!!! #22minutehardcorps 
Next workout I think I may tackle Insanity Max 30!! 😁😁😁 I’m scared lol. But 30 min right?! So who wants to join me on that one?? 
If you have been debating on joining a challenge what’s stopping you? Why not improve your health mental and physical!? Seriously what do you have to lose!

Learning to love you

Part of a fitness journey is learning to love yourself. To believe that you will be able to do this. To have confidence. To learn that this process is not a straight edge line but all over the place. This is a freaking Roller Coaster. And so is your will to want to walk this healthy lifestyle is everything.

I decided to make a change in my lifestyle over 7 yrs ago. Yes it took me a while to get the negative bitch that said, I would never be good enough out of my head. When you are at this point. Nothing anyone can say to you matters. Well the good anyway, the bad sticks to you like glue.

I was tired of hating my body, literally refusing to change in front of my husband. Do you know how that feels to want to hide from the man you swore to spend the rest of your life with? Β The man that sees your body as the place that brought you his children. But you don’t think of it like that. You just can’t, thats bullshit. Β It’s awful and no one should feel like that. Having babies completely changes your body, but you brought a gift into the world you should embrace that. You have tiger stripes be proud!

Over the years my perception of perfect have changed, I want to be happy and healthy. I want to be fit. Β I see all forms as beautiful. I don’t shame I haven’t walked in your shoes and I don’t know what you are going through. But I do believe everyone should workout in some way! WHY??? Well for starters working out brings confidence. It brings energy. It reduces stress and helps you sleep. But also, you can be the tiniest person and still be unhealthy. You can’t see your heart. That is so important. You cannot see what is going on inside of you.

When I invite people to join me in a challenge, its because I want everyone to feel good about themselves. I want everyone to have the support the team I am on brings. And I think everyone should workout. If you ever receive a message from me asking you to join me. This is why…

Ready to Love yourself and make the changes to living a healthier life?

Are you at this point and want to join me in my journey of helping others?! I want to hear from you!!