Big Goals

Can’t believe I’m saying this! But I just said a HUGE SCARY goal for myself!

Telling your goals with Beachbody is something we do. We write our goals down generally share them with someone on our team, not so much publicly.

I am great with my fitness goals. I crush them, because I am passionate about health and fitness. My financial goals not so much, I am not motivated by money. Like at all. I have everything I need and I have never been very materialistic. Don’t get me wrong coaching helps out a lot but for the goal I have I need to think bigger! You know what is a huge priority? Family it trumps all. 

So here it is…

Ron works out of town frequently, and We hate it. My entire world gets thrown off its axel and my life becomes a crazy hectic mess. But he goes where the work is and a lay off would be detrimental to our family.

I am laying it all out for you. My next goal is for him to be able to say no and stay home. Laid off or not that I could cover what we would be missing.

And it’s so possible with Beachbody! I’m excited for this Goal and I can’t wait to cross it off!img_2233-4




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