You can do hard things!

  One phrase I can’t stand… “I can’t do it” umm did you even try did you give all your effort? Or did you immediately assume you can’t?
Have a little faith in yourself. Constantly giving up and quitting is exhausting and let’s face it, the only person you are disappointing is you. 
This was me for years, I could never do that, I have kids my body is what it is, I can’t run, I’ll never be in shape. I got over the bull shit pushed through and had a little faith in me. You know the second I decided I can is when I started to succeed. Finding people that want you to do well helps too!
These little challenge groups I run monthly, they are a way to get to see you for the potential you have. To strip away your insecurities and make you see that you deserve to be happy and healthy. 
So why can’t you?
Join me on April 4th for my next challenge. 22 Min Hard Corp, we will reach your goals together! (Groups run on Facebook or from the MyChallenge App)

Fill this out for details!

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