Keep pushing forward!

“Every Pro was once an Amateur. Every Expert was once a Beginner. So Dream Big and Start Now.”
It took me years to get to this point, so don’t look at this and think I’ll never be there. I didn’t think I would. There was a time where I could not do a single push-up on my toes. But I kept at it I challenged myself and when something got easy I would change it add more weights make it challenging. 
Once your mind is in the right place you can do anything. The second you decide that you believe in yourself is when you will accomplish your goals.

Everything I have done to change myself was in my living room. If that’s not your thing then go to a gym, run outside, take a class. Do what works for you. Always just keep pushing forward. Continue to challenge yourself and tweak what you are doing. Your body adjusts it gets used to the same thing so change it up. That is when you will see the changes you are making.

Remember abs are made in the kitchen, but you don’t have to be perfect.  


Follow great nutrition 80% of the time. If you mess up say oh well next meal will be better or tomorrow is a new day. Drink half your weight and water! Workout? Add more! You don’t like water? So what drink it anyway. Flavor it with fruit. Water is necessary for your body! When you don’t drink it your body will hold on to extra water weight. Just like when you eat fake shit your body does not know what the he’ll to do with it and stores it as fat. It’s simple really. Eat real food, nothing light or fat free, drink water, move. You can do this

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