Results of the refresh! 

The only measurements I took lol…

-lost 1.5 inches by my belly button

-down 5.4 pounds

-sleeping great

-waking up feeling refreshed and energized

-have not have coffee since Sunday

-back in the zone and out of my funk

-kicked the cravings for junk
Was it easy? No it’s not day one and 2 were lame seriously and I was no peach. But I have done this before so I know I always end up feeling better! I do! Now I need to stay in moderation workout and balance my meals 80/20! Am I happy with this hell yeah! I did not expect to lose 5 lbs at all. Day 4 of 30 Day Chisel going down now!

Want to try it out! The refresh happens to be on sale this month!! 

This is with a month supply of Shakeology
This has just enough shakes to get through the refresh


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