Why you should stop quitting your health journey.

The first reason… This is a big one. Starting over sucks. Like big time.
Think about it you work your ass off, to get derailed. Throw your hand up in the air. Oh well I’m done. I fucked up…

Let’s take a look at what happens when you quit working out.

At first your body is like oh hey! Let’s recover. That’s great sometimes you need that.

But eventually (a week) not very much time right? You start to lose the muscle definition you worked so hard to put on. Then it all goes down hill.

Maybe you quit because you’re not seeing a difference. What about what is happening inside of you? To your heart? You can’t see those changes! And it can take some time to notice an outward difference! That is why I always say take pics!

Let me ask you one more thing. When are you going to stop giving up on yourself? Stop quitting on ย yourself! As a coach I want you to succeed to be happy and healthy. But when you quit, your disappointing yourself!

Be so determined that nothing will get in your way!



You can do hard things!

  One phrase I can’t stand… “I can’t do it” umm did you even try did you give all your effort? Or did you immediately assume you can’t?
Have a little faith in yourself. Constantly giving up and quitting is exhausting and let’s face it, the only person you are disappointing is you. 
This was me for years, I could never do that, I have kids my body is what it is, I can’t run, I’ll never be in shape. I got over the bull shit pushed through and had a little faith in me. You know the second I decided I can is when I started to succeed. Finding people that want you to do well helps too!
These little challenge groups I run monthly, they are a way to get to see you for the potential you have. To strip away your insecurities and make you see that you deserve to be happy and healthy. 
So why can’t you?
Join me on April 4th for my next challenge. 22 Min Hard Corp, we will reach your goals together! (Groups run on Facebook or from the MyChallenge App)

Fill this out for details!

Broccoli and cheese quiche

Sounds a little weird but it was delicious! Seriously!! Oh and I am horrible at measuring so this is a rough guesstimate.

What you need

Store bought pie crust 

2 cups broccoli florets (I used fresh)

1 cup shredded sharp cheddar

8 eggs

1/2 cup skim milk

1tsp minced garlic 

1tsp onion powder 

Pepper and sea salt to taste

Dash paprika

What you need to do!

Put broccoli in saucepan and add water simmer for 4-5 min til slightly tender you don’t want it too soft! Drain and let cool slightly.

Place pie crust in pie pan.

Mix eggs add milk and all spices! 

Place broccoli in pie pan, top with mixed egg, and the sprinkle cheese over. Bake at 350 till you can put a knife in the middle and it comes out clean. This is 50-60 min! Enjoy

Keep pushing forward!

“Every Pro was once an Amateur. Every Expert was once a Beginner. So Dream Big and Start Now.”
It took me years to get to this point, so don’t look at this and think I’ll never be there. I didn’t think I would. There was a time where I could not do a single push-up on my toes. But I kept at it I challenged myself and when something got easy I would change it add more weights make it challenging. 
Once your mind is in the right place you can do anything. The second you decide that you believe in yourself is when you will accomplish your goals.

Everything I have done to change myself was in my living room. If that’s not your thing then go to a gym, run outside, take a class. Do what works for you. Always just keep pushing forward. Continue to challenge yourself and tweak what you are doing. Your body adjusts it gets used to the same thing so change it up. That is when you will see the changes you are making.

Remember abs are made in the kitchen, but you don’t have to be perfect.  


Follow great nutrition 80% of the time. If you mess up say oh well next meal will be better or tomorrow is a new day. Drink half your weight and water! Workout? Add more! You don’t like water? So what drink it anyway. Flavor it with fruit. Water is necessary for your body! When you don’t drink it your body will hold on to extra water weight. Just like when you eat fake shit your body does not know what the he’ll to do with it and stores it as fat. It’s simple really. Eat real food, nothing light or fat free, drink water, move. You can do this

Keeping your Motivation!

I am not new to this whole fitness thing. My current status took me a total of 7 years with a pregnancy in there. There is something that did change however. Before my second child Mackenzie I was nothing like I am today. At all… I did however do the yo-yo dieting.

You know what that is? Thats when you reach your goal for your weight whatever way you can to get it off. Mine was usually from some ridiculous fad diet where I was starving and miserable. You give your self a high five and then you go back to your old habits and there goes your goal. Bring out the fat pants again. Anyone else do this?

So what changed? My perspective did. Before Beachbody this was my reason now its my Why. It is so strong that anytime I want to quit I think about it. Put on my big girl pants and move my ass.

Many of you know my story. But if you don’t I will do a quick break down. I am a teen mom, I lost my dad when he was 51 to a massive heart attack, this was just 4 yrs after congestive heart failure where he was warned to get his shit together. I was 20 my sister was 23. His family decided we were old enough to figure out funeral expenses ect. So that year was hell. We had to sell his truck to pay for his burial and pretty much everything else he owned to take care of debts. It is a time I do not like to rehash and it scarred me deeply. The girl I was before he passed is dead. She died with him. I had a downward spiral for a bit where i would drink wine and cry ask my sister…

I married the love of my life a year and a week later. We had our second and I realized. I was no better I was going to do the same shit. There is a family history of heart disease and I was not helping it. So I got my act together and this started. I refuse to allow anything take me away from missing a second of my daughters lives if it is something that I can control.

I have 100% control of my heart health. I maintain that through diet and exercise. They will never experience that heart ache. ย I am so passionate about this that I decided I would help others with this too, that is why I coach.

How do I keep my motivation? You just read it a very strong why. I started this for them and then it shifted to be for me too. I am better mom, wife, and person. I don’t hate myself my attitude has shifted. My fathers death taught me a very strong life lesson. Although i would rather him have met his other grandchildren and be with us, his death is not in vain.

To keep yourself going. Find a reason a WHY that nothing could make you quit! It has to be near to you and close to your heart. What motivates me may not necessarily work for you.

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Excuse Proofing your diet…

First of all I am going to start by saying it is not a diet it is a lifestyle I will do short cleanses that are strict but anything over that if I find a ton of you can’t have this or that blah blah blah I will not stick with it.

Once you make the decision to change your lifestyle you will need to consider some other things and change your excuses a bit.

“I love food.” Is one I hear a lot. Excuses me so do I. I fucking love to eat. Sometimes it is all I talk about and it happens to be one of my favorite things to do. Im not kidding. Who doesn’t like to eat? When I changed my lifestyle and started the 80/20 rule where I mainly eat healthy and allow a splurge every once in a while (ok sometimes more). Get this… This is AWESOME! I was able to eat MORE!! HOLLA Ive learned that you can make healthy food taste amazing with none of that fake shit!

“I can’t cook, I don’t have time, or don’t know how.” Ever see the Disney movie Ratatouille?  “Everyone can cook!” Its true. Seriously. So you can’t come up with your own recipes. Get a cook book. I love fixate. Also there are a ton of clean eating sites! Google. As for no time. Let me tell you about my friend. The crock pot. Set it and forget it and you can make just about anything in that bad boy!

“I hate the gym/ working out” Do you really have to go to the gym? I don’t I do my workouts right in my living room. There is also taking walks, jogging, throwing an epic dance party in your living room. Rock climbing, play some basketball. Get the picture. Do what you love. As for working out. I don’t necessarily love it. I love how I feel when I am done and what it has done for me. So I have come to some what enjoy it now. Don’t think that there aren’t days that working out is the last thing I want to do. Cause there are. I just go back to Why I started, and then I do it anyway. You won’t get the ass you want by sitting on it.

“I don’t have time to workout, or I need to put my kids first.” Bull shit you don’t make time because its not a priority to you. But you keep on hating on yourself. Love yourself enough to make the time. And me taking 30 min to improve my health will not harm my kids. It makes me a better mom, I am happier, I have more energy, and I have learned to teach them how to love and care for themselves. They know that is my time. And they are a part of my why so how is not working out for them?
“I don’t have the will power.” Take away the temptation! Seriously if you love Cheetos don’t by them. Put fruit out keep an array of healthy foods at your fingertips. Do not go to the grocery store hungry. Read a menu online before you go out when your not starving so you are not tempted to make horrible choices.

“Diets don’t work for me, I have tried everything.” Before I have too. And to be honest diets don’t work for anyone really. You’re thinking the wrong way. You need to change your lifestyle. Live in moderation and if you fuck up which you will cause you are human. Move on. Continue on with your healthy lifestyle. If you have a bad day don’t wake up the next day like. I was so bad yesterday that fuck this I will just continue to be fat. A lot of fitness is mentally how you think of yourself and your outlook on life in general. You know what you do say yesterday was bad, todays a new day I got this! Im gonna kick ass.

I hope this helps and you can start working in a better version of yourself!


Results of the refresh! 

The only measurements I took lol…

-lost 1.5 inches by my belly button

-down 5.4 pounds

-sleeping great

-waking up feeling refreshed and energized

-have not have coffee since Sunday

-back in the zone and out of my funk

-kicked the cravings for junk
Was it easy? No it’s not day one and 2 were lame seriously and I was no peach. But I have done this before so I know I always end up feeling better! I do! Now I need to stay in moderation workout and balance my meals 80/20! Am I happy with this hell yeah! I did not expect to lose 5 lbs at all. Day 4 of 30 Day Chisel going down now!

Want to try it out! The refresh happens to be on sale this month!! 

This is with a month supply of Shakeology https://teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/BCP3D160?referringRepId=211368
This has just enough shakes to get through the refresh 



Real talk… I woke up like this ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜œ

I am not doing this refresh because I feel I need to lose weight. I am however feeling run down, eating like shit, and feeling that way. After vacation I feel I need it to get back to the balance I created. I have not worked out besides today in close to 2 weeks and that is not me at all. I brought back a cold and this is the first time in a while that I was sick more then a day or 2, I usually recover quickly. Yesterday I drank 6 cups of coffee and I felt like I could still go to bed. My body is begging me for this quick 3 day reset! 

Will I lose? Probably… But every time I do this I feel energized and refreshed! ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿค—