Half way through Hammer and Chisel

I made it through 4 weeks!!! The workouts?? Love them! There is only one that I really don’t care for and it is total body Hammer. I have only had to do that one twice though so it doesn’t matter.

There are 12 workouts so far I have only repeated some of them. The schedule alternates between the 2 trainers. On occasion you will have one of them two days in a row. But this is very rare. Each trainer made a 10 minute ab video too. Both of those are serious business. 

I have had a few set backs this time. Got sick, my endometreosis acting up. And all the holidays. Pushing me back a little. I have some holiday eats and I’m a stress eater so that’s happened too. I have no idea what my scale says but I am pleasantly surprised on my progress pics!! My ass is fitting in my swim suit again yay!! I started a challenge group today so I am hoping to really clean up my nutrition.

Left is the start right is current!
Next group is the 25th! Add me on Facebook! Www.facebook.com/Kala.williamson and this bad boy is on sale this month!!

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