End result for Hammer and Chisel

Well I did it! Finally done, these last 60 plus days were not easy. In fact this last week was the hardest yet. Every workout was a struggle. The latest meds (Letrozole) have me exhausted with very little motivation. But I happen to be stubborn enough to not quit.

So how did it go? I love that there are so many workouts that repeats don’t happen often some of them you only do twice the entire 60 days. None of them are easy! If they are you are doing something wrong. You need to use harder or add more weight. Even up until the last workout I was like shit! 

Stats? I lost my original numbers oopsy, not organized here. But pictures say 1000 words so if I am being honest I don’t give a shit what they are! 

Nutrition was far from perfect. But I’ve learned that I don’t do well with too many restrictions. I like moderation and I don’t plan on being a competitor anytime soon. I won’t say never because with me anything is possible. I eat pretty healthy most of the time but have my fair share of cheats. Some days I ate too little some too much. Again I’m not perfect and I don’t aim to be. 

I gave up booze January! Crazy right?! I decided to join one of my coaches on this and see if I felt any better with out drinking on the medicine. I don’t miss the hangovers but I do miss my wine and beer and the medicine still sucks so… Feb 1st bring it on. Seriously 

Now what you came here for?! The results!!! 
Left pic is day 1 right is today and my final!

So I am happy with this! 

Hammer and Chisel also breaks down to 2 other individual workouts. 30 days with The Hammer and 30 with The Chisel! I plan on doing both. But we leave for Disney in 26 days! I am taking the weekend OFF! Mama needs a break! Doing the 21 day Fix extreme heading on my family vaca!!! Then I will do each of these. But not until March! Notice how I plan this out?!

Bonus?! Hammer and Chisel is on Sale for this Month!

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Every Sweat Matters

  Hey!!!!! Well I have stepped back on the inspirational posts, blog posts and sharing so much. Well I just haven’t felt like it. I am not feeling very inspirational right now. Most days I have to bite my tounge from saying things I know I shouldn’t. Still with Beachbody and I don’t plan on stepping back from that anytime soon…

So what’s going on? Endometriosis is a bitch. Seriously how do you keep the positivity up when you feel that you are doing all this hard work for nothing. That you’re taking care of yourself and your body is still failing you. How can you eat right and exercise and still have health problems even after making a choice for surgery that you never thought you would have to make at the age of 29. Then at 30 have to make another tough decision because the Endo is not done yet. It’s discouraging, but I’m still here still fighting for my health and working on being better daily. I show up everyday, exhausted and sometimes moody and persevere.

Always going to back to my why, like why the hell I started doing this to begin with. Sometimes I remind myself that if I hadn’t taken care of me how much worse if a situation I may be in. I workout and eat healthy for me, for my kiddos, for my husband, for my health. I show up because Every Sweat Matters, because I still can.

I’ll be back to my old self soon I hope and I find inspiration daily with my team, and my challengers. So I thank you all for holding me up!

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Half way through Hammer and Chisel

I made it through 4 weeks!!! The workouts?? Love them! There is only one that I really don’t care for and it is total body Hammer. I have only had to do that one twice though so it doesn’t matter.

There are 12 workouts so far I have only repeated some of them. The schedule alternates between the 2 trainers. On occasion you will have one of them two days in a row. But this is very rare. Each trainer made a 10 minute ab video too. Both of those are serious business. 

I have had a few set backs this time. Got sick, my endometreosis acting up. And all the holidays. Pushing me back a little. I have some holiday eats and I’m a stress eater so that’s happened too. I have no idea what my scale says but I am pleasantly surprised on my progress pics!! My ass is fitting in my swim suit again yay!! I started a challenge group today so I am hoping to really clean up my nutrition.

Left is the start right is current!
Next group is the 25th! Add me on Facebook! Www.facebook.com/Kala.williamson and this bad boy is on sale this month!!