One week of hammer and chisel!!

  Ok so thoughts on the program? So far I love it! Today’s workout was a little longer with the 45 min Hammer total body and 10 min abs. But generally we are in the 25-40 min range. 

You switch days between Autumn “Chisel” and Sagi “Hammer”, which I have to say is nice letting you get a little break from the trainer. 

Every single workout works the entire body and I feel you move slightly slower. Use way more balance techniques, and have very little rest time. So my entire body aches right now, not sure if it’s the illness I’m battling or this!

I’m having a hard time figuring out how much weight to use with each workout. That def takes time! All in all good! I have not once thought oh that was an easy one! Each one is unique and the trainers bring their own style into it! Def recommend it!

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