Life According to plans…

How many of you planned out your life, you plan out your day by day? Hows that going for you?

If my life went according to my plan. Well it wouldn’t be the way it is right now. Which I believe is perfect and exactly what was meant to be.

You see I never planned to be a teen mom, I never planned to marry my high school sweetheart at the age of 21. If I hadn’t of made the mistake of being a teen mom, I probably would only have one kid. Why? I have endometriosis, I had trouble conceiving my 3rd child at the age of 25. And I opted to have a partial hysterectomy at 29. So being a young mom, although at the time. Seemed like the worst thing to happen was a blessing.

Make a choice to see the hurdles you face as a blessing. Choose to live a positive life.

This does not mean you should not be goal setting!

Set goals for what you want to do in your career. Financially. Where you see yourself in a year or 5.

Your health goals! What the hell does that mean? Well you want to lose some lbs? Write it down. Write it down and give your self a time limit on when you want to achieve it. Be reasonable though. You are prob not going to lose 30 lbs in a week.
Goals for your family, whether you want to be more present with your fam or planning vacations and time with your significant other.

Just because your life did not turn out the way you had intended it too does not mean you can’t keep rolling forward. Be thankful for what you have. Enjoy your life

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