Beer VS. Health Food

Wait what? Thats a super weird thing to compare right? HAHAHAHAH


But I want you all to relate to what I am saying and I am a beer drinker. I have learned to do it less and focus on Moderation. So where does health food come into this?

How many times have you walked into a grocery store, You are checking out the produce.

“Oh look Watermelon!! Love Watermelon! $5?!!! WTF! I am not paying that!!”

You put this food down.

“Cauliflower is on my list… $4… No Effing way!!”

You put this down.

Ok now you walk into a bar or go out to dinner. Its Cheat night. Your gonna have a beer and enjoy the hell of it. (Don’t like beer think wine, pick your poison… I don’t care what you like this is just what I am using….)

You to the Bartender, “I’ll take a Blue Moon.”

Bartender, “Here You go! That will be $5.25”

You hand over a $10, for one drink without even thinking about it, you don’t even blink.

Does anyone see a problem here?  Really think about it.

So here is my way of thinking. If I pick up something that is beneficial for me and my family. Whether my kids will refuse to eat it or not LOL. I look at the cost. Then I think, “If this was beer would I pay that price?” If the answer is yes then I toss it in the cart and it comes home with me.

There has become such a double standard, saying eating healthy is expensive. But you will walk into a fast food chain and drop$$ like its your job, or a bar, or a restaurant. So what I am saying is truly think about it first.

I drink Shakeology daily right.


At first Sticker Shock when you look at the cost. But again I have, at one time or another, dropped the price of a Bag of Shakeo in a bar in one night. Don’t Judge Me!

When you break down the coach price its under $4 a day. The PSL I drank yesterday was $4.65 and that did not benefit me whatsoever it was just yummy. (Basic Beotch)

So for me, I don’t even think about it. I get my bad I drink it daily I benefit from it.’s-in-shakeology/lob/team

Give Shakeology a Try!

Get it at Coach Price!

Change your thought process, change your life!

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