Beef stew


Got the idea from Fixate. Changed it to work with what I had.

Notice I do that a lot?! Ended up really good!

What you Need
-1 or over lbs lean chuck roast. (I threw it in frozen)
-3 cups organic low sodium beef broth
-1 Tbsp gluten free flour (can use cornstarch or Ww flour)
-2 tsp (heaping) minced garlic
-1 bag frozen butternut squash
-2 cups baby carrots
-1 large russet potato cubed
-Smoked paprika
-Trader Joes 21 Season Salute (this is a blend of spices you could really use any salt free spices you like)
-Sea salt

Take the beef broth and whisk in flour. Set aside.

In the crock pot put the squash, carrots, potato, and roast in. Season. Pour over the broth. Cook in high for at least 6 hours. Before you serve either cube or shred the roast. Depends on what you would like.


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