4 Weeks of the 21 Day Fix and Extreme

I really liked combining these 2 workouts, I have separately done each of these at least 3 times. Can you say I enjoy them? Well sometimes, they are fast. 30 minutes.. They are too the point. I am not super coordinated although I am doing Cize now. Which has been fun..

So I have been alternating the 2 fix programs. For a total of 4 weeks. When I decided to do this, I though that I would finish before starting Cize. I made a mistake. So I have been doubling for the last week. Fix in the am Cize a little later.

Nutriton… I could be a little better with this, I did eat way better and drink less than I did at the beginning of summer. But heres the thing, I like eating clean simply because it makes me feel better. Its summer though, I do not compete and I am altogether, happy with where I am at. I never thought I would be where I am today. So am I disappointed? Nope I fully enjoyed this summer and stressing all the time over what I am eating is not necessary.

Progress pics. Really happy with this!!!!

4 week hybridI have a new love for a toned back and arms. Weird I know!

Do you think you are ready to make a change? Well I want to help!!!

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