Be honest with yourself and the excuses you are spewing. Tough Love here… The truth is you just don’t want to do it. It is not a priority in your life. Well why the hell not? Why isn’t your health a priority? Or how many of you constantly say I need to eat better, I need to workout. I need to lose some weight. Heres a thought… Stop talking about and do it! Will it be easy? No never is. But anything worth having is hard. Be stronger than your Excuses and go after what you want!

Do this for you. Because you deserve it because you want to be happy and healthy. Do this for your kids, so you can chase them, run with them, teach them to walk through life with their heads high. Do this to be their role model. Be a better you! You’re here might as well live to your full potential and have the best quality of life.


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