WTF does that mean? Well since I did a swan dive off the wagon this summer (not very gracefully) and indulged like you would not believe I decided to get back on. See it happens to us all. And I worked out a good bit of the summer but I had the sea food diet and I ate everything I saw and drank it too. I believe in moderation and living a healthy lifestyle but when you are binge eating  and drinking a 30 pack well no amount of working out can save you. I vacationed 4 out of 6 weeks 2 of those vacations I enjoyed my beverages more than most people consider normal. Thats how I roll though.

So I recommitted to my workouts. And am trying to fall the 21 Dy fix meal plan am I being super strict? No I am working on it! Its still summer I am more relaxed and I know I am not perfect. I am human. I am working towards me being comfortable again. I am not saying you have to be super tiny. Be where you feel good at and when I feel like I am going to burst out of my clothes I am not comfortable. No I do not keep any “fat” pants. Why? Because that gives me permission to grow into them. This is not my first rodeo. I have lost and then gained it back. But yo-yoing did not make me happy. I want my clothes to fit and not with a muffin top.

The workout plan I decided to to is a Hybrid between the 21 Day fix and The 21 Day Fix Extreme. Switching every week. Easy I plan on doing this until my Cize group starts on August 10th I just started week 3 today.  I will get in 4 full weeks of this.

Here are the results I am seeing so far. The best part is. My clothes fit again! Whoop!!

fix and extreme

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