Working on a Better Me.

This journey started as a form of prevention. I was helping myself. I refused to go down the same path as my dad. I was already uncomfortable. I knew, with the family history that we have that it was a very real possibility that I was headed in the same direction.

That was not going to be me.

I evolved. It became about more. It became about being healthy, being a role model for my girls, and  helping others. When my dad first had his congestive heart failure I was 16. I was still too young to know the challenge you face when you change your lifestyle and what support could do for a person. I was dating (now my husband) and pregnant (yep teen mom)

When he passed after not changing a  damn thing it was 4 years later. By the time he threw his smokes out, it was 2 weeks before death and he fainted reaching for a cig. I have spent the last 6 + years working on myself, creating a better version of myself. This journey has become a way to feel like I was doing something that I did not do to help my dad, for others. Not that they’re fate will be the same. If only someone was there to support him, tell him. This is damn hard, but you can and you will do it. That you may want to quit a million times, that you may take 3 steps forward only to fall 2 back. But it can be done.

That is why being  a coach is so important to me. If i can prevent that heart ache for someone else. I am accomplished.

I want everyone to know although I initially maybe have not needed to lose a lot but i know what it takes, the struggles, the constant internal battle. Of not feeling like doing a workout or wanting to eat shit. And that having people there for you makes it better.

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