I did it again…

The 3 Day Refresh… Why though? I have been sticking to a workout plan. Well at least until I finished X3. I really just got back at it today. Heres the thing I have been doing the workouts but my nutrition was far from par and although I was not by any means fat. I did however let a lot of the work I put in slip. Summer and traveling had got the best of me. Was I eating awful, not particularly. I would say I was not making the best choices and maybe even eating less. But drinking. Oh did I do a ton of that. HA

My love for beer had gotten the best of me and it showed. I have been slacking in everything since my tour of the East Coast I like to call it and re-dedicated myself today. So I can get back on track and help you fine people.

So I refreshed. When my pants feel like the button could pop at any moment thats a problem. No I will not go buy new clothes. Thats stupid.

The first day was pretty rough, I was coming off a ton of vacas, Day 2 and 3 were not bad. I felt better and I could button my pants!

I lost a total of 4.4 lbs! What what.


As you can see there is a definite difference!!! I am really happy with this round.

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