P90X3 official Grad



I know what you’re thinking…


Another one. Yay…. Pull out the party hat. But this one was a tough one for me to get through.


Well Tony drives me insane. Dude you know what your doing seriously you are a god when it comes to fitness. But you never stop talking and meowing and joking. Stop lol. (But don’t listen to me if you want a challenge this workout is for you!)
I had a kidney infection in the middle and had to take a week off and I was away for 2 of the weeks.

But I finished. Add another workout on my belt. (This girl gets around 😎)

Block 3 (5 weeks instead of your typical 4 making the entire workout 13 weeks!)

Weeks 9&11
Decelerator – insaneness just a sweaty mess.

Agility X- all about precision landing in the right spot.

The Challenge / complex upper- I did complex upper which is just repeated rounds of hard upper body moves.

X3 yoga – necessary

Triometrix – one move 3 ways lower body killer

Total synergistics / complex lower – did complex lower which is the same as upper but focuses on lower body.

Week 12&14

MMX – I still suck at this and it kicks my ass

Eccentric upper – slow focus on the down phase

Triometrics – notice a  pattern? Call me quadzilla

Pilate’s X- lots of core and balance

Eccentric lower

Week 13
Isometrix – holding static poses. Tons of core and balance work

Accelerator- speed cardio

Pilate’s X

X3 Yoga – yes please

Dynamix – stretching and pulsing movement.

I am actually up in weight. I went from 145 to 149. But that may be from vaca. My measurements are pretty similar.

What this workout did for me… I feel stronger all over. Notice that I bulked a not in my legs and booty (heeeeyyyyy).
My form on pushups are way better and my balance has improved immensely. During yoga I have been pushing myself to try the harder poses. So face planting is happening but the confidence is there to push myself and try new things! I will get these down just may take me some time.

Huge thing… I don’t give a shit that the scale moved. Because I feel great! That’s huge for me a lbs difference used to make me panic. I was obsessed with the scale.


So some pics of my end progress…



Questions for me feel free to ask!

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