WTF does that mean? Well since I did a swan dive off the wagon this summer (not very gracefully) and indulged like you would not believe I decided to get back on. See it happens to us all. And I worked out a good bit of the summer but I had the sea food diet and I ate everything I saw and drank it too. I believe in moderation and living a healthy lifestyle but when you are binge eating  and drinking a 30 pack well no amount of working out can save you. I vacationed 4 out of 6 weeks 2 of those vacations I enjoyed my beverages more than most people consider normal. Thats how I roll though.

So I recommitted to my workouts. And am trying to fall the 21 Dy fix meal plan am I being super strict? No I am working on it! Its still summer I am more relaxed and I know I am not perfect. I am human. I am working towards me being comfortable again. I am not saying you have to be super tiny. Be where you feel good at and when I feel like I am going to burst out of my clothes I am not comfortable. No I do not keep any “fat” pants. Why? Because that gives me permission to grow into them. This is not my first rodeo. I have lost and then gained it back. But yo-yoing did not make me happy. I want my clothes to fit and not with a muffin top.

The workout plan I decided to to is a Hybrid between the 21 Day fix and The 21 Day Fix Extreme. Switching every week. Easy I plan on doing this until my Cize group starts on August 10th I just started week 3 today.  I will get in 4 full weeks of this.

Here are the results I am seeing so far. The best part is. My clothes fit again! Whoop!!

fix and extreme



Can we talk about something that I never really bring up? Im not really sure why I don’t. To be honest I think its the reaction from others. Like Im going to hound them to join me in this “cult” or keep bugging them to buy a program. That they’re going to be like “Oh you’re a Beachbody Coach, thats such a load of Bull Shit.” Why do I care. Seriously… I freaking love my job. And I would never hound anyone you don’t want in on this. Fine. I don’t care. You need to do what works for you! These programs, have completely changed my body. I would not promote something that does not work. I am not a liar. I never was, in fact Im really bad at it and my moral compass does not allow it. wpid-wp-1434575470044.jpeg

Can we talk about the Business I build. ME… From my kitchen table or the couch. From my phone at the mall playground or park bench. Because I stay home with my kids.11403341_10153549715820921_4325088675068332010_n-1 This baby is all mine. and although I may have dropped the ball a bit this summer because I was out of town 4 out of 6 weeks and Having a blast. I still was bringing in a weekly income with minimal work. I was living it up. And to still be getting paid while not really doing anything. Pretty freaking awesome. Am I right?

So what does it take to do what I do? Well a big part is working on yourself so you can be a better person, like personal development. You can’t be Debbie Downer and help people change their lives.


Think about it. Would you want to talk to Negative Nancy about getting in shape? Nope.

Be a product of the product. Well Hello I love all the products, I drink the Shakeology. So why not save some money on it and help other people achieve the best results possible while they are on they’re journey. Do you have to be at your goal to be a coach? No, showing you are working on yourself. Makes you more relatable sharing that we are not robots. Life happens, shit happens. You are working on being better you are not a machine!


Talking to people. Inviting them to join you, Inviting them to challenges, or free groups. Finding out about them. This is up my alley social media is a way for me to connect with adults. So if I message you to say HI. Thats all thats about I am not going to be like you should buy this… blah blah blah. I want to have an adult conversation.

This job, which does not feel like work to me at all. Has connected me back to the outside world. I feel like a better mom. I have a piece of me back. You know the one that was not just all about her kids. Although I have been a mom for almost 13 years now. OMG WAHHHHHH

If any of these describe you being a coach may be something you would like…

  • Goal Oriented
  • Coachable
  • Working on yourself is a priority
  • Want to help others and enjoy it
  • Health and Fitness is a passion
  • Want to work for yourself, set your own pace, work the hours or minutes you want
  • Use Beachbody products already (seriously if you are using them why not save the $$)

Questions for me, seriously you can ask me anything I will be honest! Post it in the comments or shoot me an email! Kalarw@gmail.com

Thinking you may want to give coaching a try.

Working on a Better Me.

This journey started as a form of prevention. I was helping myself. I refused to go down the same path as my dad. I was already uncomfortable. I knew, with the family history that we have that it was a very real possibility that I was headed in the same direction.

That was not going to be me.

I evolved. It became about more. It became about being healthy, being a role model for my girls, and  helping others. When my dad first had his congestive heart failure I was 16. I was still too young to know the challenge you face when you change your lifestyle and what support could do for a person. I was dating (now my husband) and pregnant (yep teen mom)

When he passed after not changing a  damn thing it was 4 years later. By the time he threw his smokes out, it was 2 weeks before death and he fainted reaching for a cig. I have spent the last 6 + years working on myself, creating a better version of myself. This journey has become a way to feel like I was doing something that I did not do to help my dad, for others. Not that they’re fate will be the same. If only someone was there to support him, tell him. This is damn hard, but you can and you will do it. That you may want to quit a million times, that you may take 3 steps forward only to fall 2 back. But it can be done.

That is why being  a coach is so important to me. If i can prevent that heart ache for someone else. I am accomplished.

I want everyone to know although I initially maybe have not needed to lose a lot but i know what it takes, the struggles, the constant internal battle. Of not feeling like doing a workout or wanting to eat shit. And that having people there for you makes it better.


I did it again…

The 3 Day Refresh… Why though? I have been sticking to a workout plan. Well at least until I finished X3. I really just got back at it today. Heres the thing I have been doing the workouts but my nutrition was far from par and although I was not by any means fat. I did however let a lot of the work I put in slip. Summer and traveling had got the best of me. Was I eating awful, not particularly. I would say I was not making the best choices and maybe even eating less. But drinking. Oh did I do a ton of that. HA

My love for beer had gotten the best of me and it showed. I have been slacking in everything since my tour of the East Coast I like to call it and re-dedicated myself today. So I can get back on track and help you fine people.

So I refreshed. When my pants feel like the button could pop at any moment thats a problem. No I will not go buy new clothes. Thats stupid.

The first day was pretty rough, I was coming off a ton of vacas, Day 2 and 3 were not bad. I felt better and I could button my pants!

I lost a total of 4.4 lbs! What what.


As you can see there is a definite difference!!! I am really happy with this round.

P90X3 official Grad



I know what you’re thinking…


Another one. Yay…. Pull out the party hat. But this one was a tough one for me to get through.


Well Tony drives me insane. Dude you know what your doing seriously you are a god when it comes to fitness. But you never stop talking and meowing and joking. Stop lol. (But don’t listen to me if you want a challenge this workout is for you!)
I had a kidney infection in the middle and had to take a week off and I was away for 2 of the weeks.

But I finished. Add another workout on my belt. (This girl gets around 😎)

Block 3 (5 weeks instead of your typical 4 making the entire workout 13 weeks!)

Weeks 9&11
Decelerator – insaneness just a sweaty mess.

Agility X- all about precision landing in the right spot.

The Challenge / complex upper- I did complex upper which is just repeated rounds of hard upper body moves.

X3 yoga – necessary

Triometrix – one move 3 ways lower body killer

Total synergistics / complex lower – did complex lower which is the same as upper but focuses on lower body.

Week 12&14

MMX – I still suck at this and it kicks my ass

Eccentric upper – slow focus on the down phase

Triometrics – notice a  pattern? Call me quadzilla

Pilate’s X- lots of core and balance

Eccentric lower

Week 13
Isometrix – holding static poses. Tons of core and balance work

Accelerator- speed cardio

Pilate’s X

X3 Yoga – yes please

Dynamix – stretching and pulsing movement.

I am actually up in weight. I went from 145 to 149. But that may be from vaca. My measurements are pretty similar.

What this workout did for me… I feel stronger all over. Notice that I bulked a not in my legs and booty (heeeeyyyyy).
My form on pushups are way better and my balance has improved immensely. During yoga I have been pushing myself to try the harder poses. So face planting is happening but the confidence is there to push myself and try new things! I will get these down just may take me some time.

Huge thing… I don’t give a shit that the scale moved. Because I feel great! That’s huge for me a lbs difference used to make me panic. I was obsessed with the scale.


So some pics of my end progress…



Questions for me feel free to ask!

Guess what it is??!

ITS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!  AHHHHHHHHHHH!! I cannot believe its July already and I will be 30 on the 15th. Holy Shit. Someone hand me a bag!!

Where the hell have I been? Well I was at the Ocean from June 20th thru the 27th…

11403341_10153549715820921_4325088675068332010_n-1We had a great week the weather was awesome. There was a slight scare with a hammer head shark spotting. I did not see the beast. But you best believe that I was on the look out and a helicopter parent that day!!

I go back to the beach this Friday! I know tough life… I have been out of town every other week the past month. (Columbus, home, Ocean City, home, now Sand-bridge). The added bonus is I have a business that travels and I can work from anywhere. I have been able to check in with my coaches and challengers on the go. I pick my hours and days I am working so none of that is suffering!! Sound like something you may want to do? Well join me on a mission to End the Trend.  Come here.

How do I stay on track? Well remember that post I did on Experiencing B.O.D?  No… Shame on you…

11391469_10153549182745921_2250954994437280228_nI brought my workouts with me. I had workout buddies!! So cute you can’t see their bands. but they did that entire workout with me! (Little eyes are watching and you never know who you are inspiring.)

One day I took it out side and ran for the first time in over a year with my sister! We survived but it was HOT AS BALLS. HAHAHAHAHA


My sissy!! She is way tanner than me… Loser

Nutrition on vaca… I did not do awful. I had smoothies ( ran out of Shakeology the day before I left. WAHHHH of course it showed at my door as I was traveling.) and fruit and a lot of sandwiches I was lazy and did not want to cook. But beer. oh I love beer and I had a lot lol. I did not really do to much damage. Since I was working out and running around with 5 kids. They keep you busy… Trust me!!!

Now I am home! Finishing up P90X3. Last day is Friday! HOLLA and my nutrition has been on point. Cause I am getting ready to do this all over again!!

With that being said I am planning on doing a 3 day refresh to detox lol. Want to join me? Send me an email! kalarw@gmail.com we can help each other get through those 3 days!!

I also have a challenge starting the 13th. Let me know if you are interested!