Experiencing B.O.D

You are probably thinking what the hell is B.O.D? Its Beachbody On Demand silly…

Although I have been using it for P90X3 for what 9 weeks now, (since I do not physically own a copy of X3 (Another Perk!)) I have been using it in my living room. So I do not really get to see the full awesomeness of this product.

My husband has been working in Columbus Ohio. Which is a little over 3 hours from home, and now that the kids are out of school we got to go too! My business as a Beachbody Coach, can be worked anywhere. So I brought along my laptop.

Hello Beachbody On Demand.


You know what I brought besides this? Nothing!! They have a fitness center in the hotel. So if I need weights I can go there. I chose not to. Since I still have 3 kids with me. I picked the workouts I could do in my room, that are still on schedule for this week and hit play right in the hotel room.

The first day the kids were all excited its new sleeping in the hotel they got up with me. Still finished my workout. The 3 and  7 year old are easily entertained and played with a spinny (this is now a word, I said so…)  chair. LOL


Day 2 after an exhausting but awesome trip to the Columbus Zoo. (If you have a chance to go do it! We spent a day there and still did not see everything. It was so awesome! The kids had a blast!) The kids slept through me doing my workout.


You see, Pilates X was on the schedule this week so I moved it today. I made the workout accommodate me. Did you know you can do that? Weird huh?

So, I can fully say now that I 100% Beachbody On Demand. Not only do you have access to 25 full programs (some of them are admittedly pretty old. But who cares), You also get to sample workouts that you are not sure if you want to buy, and some of the programs you have purchased in the past are available on there.

If you travel and that is one of your excuses, as to why you cannot workout this is perfect!!! Most of you probably bring your laptop or a tablet with you anyway. What do you do after work when you travel? Besides stuff your face and get wasted. (sometimes still do that! Hey your human after all!) why not get in shape! Shock the hell out of everyone! 😉

If you don’t travel. Do what I do and use it in your living room!!

The cost. About 40 bucks every 3 months.

Beachbody On Demand With Shakeology the first 3 months of On Demand and a 30 day Supply of Shakeo.

Beachbody On Demand

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