Skin care

OK. So I debated on sharing this cause sometimes I do just want to keep things to myself. But I feel this is important.

Protect yourself from the sun. Ladies I know you love to have how you look with a tan… But do you know what is better than that?

Your life!

3 things can contribute more to your risk.
1. Fake baking (tanning beds)
2. Sun burning till you blister
3. People with moles have more of a tendency to have cancer prone skin.

If this is you…
Go get your skin checked by a dermatologist.
Should be done yearly unless your Dr tells you differently.


Do a self check.


Wear sunscreen.

In the last 2 years I have had 3 biopsies done. This last one on my back. The biopsy came back with abnormal results. Not melanoma thank god. But abnormal cells. Meaning we probably caught it early.

So today I had to have a small chunk of skin removed.


Lesson learned. Hopefully soon enough. I now put sunscreen on when heading outside!

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