P90X3 Block 1


4 weeks of P90 X3 Done! I did have a set back and took a week off due to what my Dr believes to be a kidney infection. Random I know… So I took a week off to let my body recover and then guess what I did?

I got right back to it! It is ok to take time off. Just get back to it.

My thoughts… Although Tony Horton is a genius when it comes to writing a fitness program. Seriously, he is 55 when P90X3 was recorded and pretty much every workout kicks my ass. I can feel the difference in my balance and muscle definition. But He drives me insane. Hahaha sorry Tony but please shut up. I cannot stand the meowing and corny jokes.
So I am struggling with this workout. I do them, but I am really not enjoying it. Out of the is 4 weeks the one workout that I don’t feel this struggle is the warrior.
Do not let this deter you from giving the workout a chance. I am still attempting to finish it. This is just my honest opinion. Workouts are a challenge and making a difference. I just need some quite lol. Cross your fingers for me so that I can finish this bad boy. But I may be going back to the 21 Day fix/ Extreme soon.

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