Failed my Round 3 of the Refresh

I did I failed! Day 3 and I had to eat something other than veggies. Sure I only added a kind bar so there could be worse things… But out of all the times I did the refresh. This one was awful. It was 100% my fault! Normally I feel fantastic. But I was starving, and dizzy and had a head ache that would not go away.

Why did this happen? Easy… I am a stubborn ASS! (Do not tell my husband that I admitted that! I would never live it down hahahaha)

On the refresh you are getting roughly around 900 calories a day. Small amount right?! So you are supposed to keep your workouts light. Think walking or yoga. You know take it kind of easy. Well I promised my new coach that I would be doing it with her! When I run challenge groups I am right in there with you. How can I tell you that you should be doing something if I am sitting on my ass eating bonbons? For me it does not work that way! I may not doing the exact same workout, but I am doing it, following along the meal plan with you, drinking my shakeology. I am right in there with you! Basically working side by side!

I started P90X3 last Monday March 30th. Which is an advanced program. Instead of taking 3 days off of that I kept doing it and did the refresh. Day 1 was ok… But I did a 30 min intense workout then decided I needed to rake for 2 hours. UMMMM Sit down Kala.

“According to Harvard Health, a 125 pound person raking the yard for 30 minutes will burn 120 calories. A 155 pound person will work off 149 calories in the same span. The American Council on Exercise also advises that just 10 minutes of heavy yard work will net a 150 pound person the benefit of an estimated 62 burned calories. In the same time, a 175 pound person sloughs off approximately 73 calories and a 200 pound person sweats off some 83 calories.”

So you see my problem I weight around 145 ( I never in my life thought I would post how much I weigh on the internet)… Day 2 wake up and jump around for 30 min. I told you I was an ass!

Wed woke up then laid in bed for 30 min staring at the ceiling willing myself to move. THANK GOD its yoga day! I should feel fantastic after my shake. WRONG I needed more enter kind bar!! Now I will be finishing out the 3 day refresh not feeling like a normal human being yay!

So my advice! FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. I will totally do the Refresh again! I will not however do an advanced workout with it. I will do it after I finish a program like I have in the past!

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