On a Diet VS. Having a Diet

Ok scrolling down Facebook wall (I know there are so many things that I should be spending my time doing, but after a long weekend I am tired and zoned out. I would not have found this gem if I did not!)


How many of you love Chalene Johnson? She’s fantastic and she def knows her shit.


But she has a point… Being on a diet is so different then having a diet (or living a healthy lifestyle) Everybody is always looking for the quick fix. They want to lose weight the fastest and will do just about any ridiculous thing they find if they hear that they will. But are those Diets sustainable? When you go off the No Carb diet… does the weight stay off? Or you eat more than just Grapefruit? No you know what happens the weight comes right back on, because when you are done. You go on a binge of everything you were depriving yourself of.

Why not just make healthy choices and allow yourself to indulge occasionally? Seriously, I have done the dieting and it sucks. Change your lifestyle! Treat yourself once or twice a week with no guilt. I thoroughly enjoy all my cheats!



2 thoughts on “On a Diet VS. Having a Diet

  1. I love that article. It’s so true! After years of trying different diets I finally figured out I needed to make long-term lifestyle changes if I truly wanted to be healthy and it’s a slow journey but I know it’s the right one for me to finally have a diet instead of constantly being on a diet. Great post! 🙂


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