Endometriosis Diet

Ok, so if you have read most of my posts you would know that I suffer from Endometriosis. If you have not and this is news to you, first off I would like to say, HOW DARE YOU! Kidding (Read about it here). I know I am not that interesting. So it is completely ok that you do not know this!

I had a partial hysterectomy 9/15/15 to hopefully end the symptoms I was having. This seems kind of extreme, but when you are having cramps so bad that you feel like your in labor and envision yourself physically taking off someones face daily. It sounds way better. Scary I know… My poor family!

After the surgery I felt 100 times better migraines went away so did labor cramps, then last Tuesday an Ovarian Cyst burst. (seriously thought I was dying) Since then I am having symptoms again, great. Called my Doctors yesterday and the nurse said you can be having phantom pains. Well thats just beautiful.

It got me thinking (dangerous pastime I know, name that Disney movie?!)


Sorry, got side tracked…

But I started thinking, I wonder if I could change my diet to help me subside these symptoms. I then googled Endometriosis Diet. What do you know? there is one! And there is a lot of Shit I should be avoiding. Like Gluten, No wonder anytime I eat Pizza or Breads I feel awful! Like I might as well have eaten a brick. Now don’t get me wrong, mama loves pizza, but nothing tastes good enough to feel like that.


If you disagree, theres something wrong with you. hahahaha

Here is what the Endometriosis Diet would look like.

Endo diet

UMMMM that seems like a lot, but it is actually not too far from my current diet. Why do you avoid these?

  • Wheat- Includes bread, cake, and pasta . They contain phytic acid, which can aggravate symptoms. Also they contain gluten which women with endo are sensitive to.
  • Red Meats- causes inflammation and can contain growth hormones.
  • Refined and Concentrated Carbs- includes bread, cake, and pasta most of the nutritional value has been removed.
  • Refined Sugars and Honeys- Causes inflammatory reaction (Certified organic honey is fine)
  • Caffeine- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  Increases abdominal Cramps and estrogen levels
  • Chocolate – Blah contains Sugar (see above I do however eat a higher % Cacao which has less sugar)
  • Dairy- Causes inflammatory reaction
  • eggs- Unless you get organic (thank god I decided to be a farmer so we get fresh eggs!) they can contain a chemical residue of dioxin.
  • Fried foods- Although these are awesome. Should be avoided most the time anyway!
  • Saturated fats and oils- Stimulate negative inflammatory prostaglandins
  • Soy and Soy protein products- bad… tamari can be used in small bits.
  • Convenience foods-  They are junk!
  • Tinned foods- Use sparingly. There is exceptions like canned tomatoes, and coconut milk.
  • additives and preservatives- HELLO Chemical Overload.
  • Alcohol- Excuse me while I go Cry…….. This consumes your B vitamins stored in the liver, Good liver function is vital to eliminate estrogen from the body.

I wanted to research this! And I am going to try it out for a while. I would rather not feel like crap.

Check out this site! http://www.endo-resolved.com/diet.html

3 thoughts on “Endometriosis Diet

  1. You’ll find your favorite substitutes, what you can eat on that list that doesn’t make you feel like crap, what you miss the most (oh dear god…CHEESE!), and that you’re not alone. 🙂 Best of luck!


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