Yesterday was a fail…

So you may not know I started round 2 of the fix extreme! Yep I liked it that much and I wanted to do better in the meal plan and push myself more in the workouts. Had a fantastic day 1


Seriously nutrition was on. Even got out for a walk with the little one! Thanks sunshine!


Went to bed Monday night and at 2:30 am woke up with such an intense pain. That I literally bawled for an hour straight. The pain was baffling I had a partial hysterectomy in September (fellas sorry were adults) how can I have labor pain so intense they are crippling?

Here I had a ovarian cyst rupture. I was told I can workout if I feel OK. So I skipped it! Day 2 is a wash and I let myself eat like shit. I mean hello taco bell but I reverted to old ways where I let crappy food be my companion.

Went to bed in hopes I felt good enough to start again. Still not great. And I am scared to trigger something that it happens again. The pain was so intense that having the 3 babies that I had was nothing compared to this.

I know I will get back into it and I am announcing now publicly to make better choices in food today and hopefully I wake up tomorrow feeling good enough to get my workout in.

Here’s what I am saying….

“Don’t let yesterdays failure hold you back from future successes.”

Guess what? Tomorrow is a new day. We got this!

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