The final of the 21 Day Fix Extreme!

I DID IT! woohoo! Seriously but when i woke up this morning, I was like hmmmm there is no workout on my schedule… It is amazing once you form a habit how easy it is to stick to it.

Did you know that they say that it takes 21 days to form a habit, and it just so happens that The 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme are that long! Coincidence? It is way easier to wrap your mind around 21 day programs instead of 90. Not that I will never do a 90 day one again. But your like yeah I totally got this. PSSH

So the meal plan, was I perfect with this? NO (HUMAN HERE) I really did try out of the whole 21 days I cheated 3 times. One of those was EPIC. An entire day, the hubster and I went away with out kids… I got a little crazy not having to share any of my foods. (Parents know what Im talking about! Being able to eat an organic honey cream filled chocolate while laying in bed without anyone asking for some, is a rare delicacy I took advantage… Alright I went overboard.) I followed the count down to competition a total of 5 or 6 days during. The amount you eat during that is insane. But you deplete your carbs so it can make you a little groggy and crabby. I started to do it yesterday but we went to disney on ice and I took my girls out to dinner. No I did not cheat, but I had to tweak the Competition meal plan. I got a cobb salad sans egg and tomato (don’t like them). This added a orange and a blue. WTF am I talking about, right? Well fixers understand the color thing… It is ok to adjust sometimes so your plan fits your life! This is a lifestyle change. If you want to stick with it, manage it well!

The workouts, Did they get easier? No not one bit. I got better, each time i did one. I was able to push a little harder or add more weight, take less breaks, not die… Hello Non-Scale Victories!! hahahahaha awesome right! It took me all 3 weeks to get used to that pilates with the bands. I finally was not a tangled mess on the last one! I ended up adding more weights to leg day week 2. Which made it harder.

If you are doing these workouts and you can’t keep up, switch to the modifier, go down in weights, drop the weights completely. Do what YOU need to do to make it through without killing yourself. You know what you can handle!

Now for the results DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

front back Side

My Stats!

I recommend this workout for, fix graduates, people that like the more intense and extreme programs. I would not recommend for beginners!

Want to get in on my next challenge?  Fill this out!

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