Week 2 of The 21 Day Fix Extreme!

Ok… So I am a day behind. I took Saturday off this week, the hubster and I went a way to a adorable Bed and Breakfast in Emlenton, PA. The owners were wonderful! I would recommend this to anyone!

Like Bed and Breakfasts? Check this out!!




I did not bring my workouts and weights. We go away together once a year. I wanted to enjoy it. And did I ever. I had the most epic cheat day in history. The breakfast at The Barnard House was healthy and delicious. Its everything else that I indulged in that was bad choices. I encourage a cheat meal. A cheat day I do not. I had
A Philly cheese steak with salt and vinegar chips, dessert pizza, we split a box of organic Divani honey cream filled chocolate. (Hey organic…
http://divanichocolate.com) ended the night with a BBQ bacon cheddar burger and fries with a tropical mixed drink. (Hair of the dog). So I did not feel great Sunday… But the breakfast again Sunday was divine!

I seriously thought I crumbled any progress I had in one day. So did I quit?


Hell NO! I dusted myself off and jumped back in nutrition and all.

Week 2 how were the workouts? Well still tough. I don’t think they will ever become easy. They will always be a challenge. But I did master the band in Pilate’s! Good bye tangled mess! Woo!

Pleasantly surprised still saw changes even with my majestic cheat day!



Does my butt look smaller?!


Call me quadzilla... I cannot take credit for that so thanks Sagi from Bodybeast.


Hello triceps!

I seriously have never see results like this. Nutrition is so key!

Can’t wait to see the final results! Talk to you soon! Thanks for reading!

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