My First Week of the 21 Day Fix Extreme.

First off I would like to say… Well played Autumn. These workouts are scorchers and although the bad ass in me comes out when I am done (Like I mentally just erased the last half hour of my life) and says… that wasn’t that bad. My thoughts during Plyo Extreme where she says, “We’re sweating, we’re having fun!” are seriously dude you are trying to kill me! I’m gonna die. Guess what though?! I DON’T. I may be hunched over gasping for air in between and have beads of sweat falling off my face, but I survive and you will too! I promise. They are only 30 minutes long.

The Workouts

Plyo Fix Extreme
Think jumping with weights, there are 5 rounds 2 moves each round. Sometimes you are doing one leg at a time. The only move that does not have weights are the burpees with a tuck just at the end. Each move is 30 seconds. You do have a 30 second break in there before you start the next move! Thank YOU!

Upper Fix Extreme
Arm scorcher. Seriously by the end you arms feel like jelly. You move from each move pretty quickly.

Pilate’s Fix Extreme
All the Pilate’s moves you do with a resistance band. Which made me a tangled mess lol seriously I’m glad I work out at home. I would pause to adjust. But it made Pilate’s way more interesting this is not my favorite and in the original 21 day fix I always ended up dusting or something.
I also did the 10 Min Hardcore Ab woo is all I can say, but hey its 10 min and weighted side hip drops will never be fun!

Lower Fix Extreme
You want slightly heavier weights. I may even add more this week. Most of the moves you do weighted for 30 seconds drop the weights then go onto plyo for that move.

Cardio Fix Extreme
Explosive movement with weights nuff said…

Dirty 30 Extreme
This one was my favorite in the original. Guess what? Still my fave totally body toner! In the first 6 min you are shredding your shoulders and lower body at the same time. Every single move works every inch of your body.

Yoga Fix Extreme
I don’t really care for yoga. I’m not very flexible and I could not hold a single balance move this time. Falling all over the place hahaha, however completely worth it. At the end my body felt amazing!

Now on to the Meal Plan
Ok I decided to follow maintenance, feeling that I do not need to lose any weight right now. So I get…
5 greens
3 purples
5 reds
4 yellows
1 orange
1 blue
5 tsp

I have a hard time getting everything in. Sometimes I feel great others I would kill for chocolate. I have stayed strong. Valentines day was Saturday and my hubster got me chocolate covered pretzels I had 2. So I admit a slight cheat. But I put those bad boys in the cupboard where they have been silently mocking me for days now. Last night I had a long internal battle with myself as to why I deserved a pretzel… I did not cave!

Count Down to Completion
I followed this bad boy twice. I have a new respect for competitors. I never thought it would be hard to eat. That is what you do all day long. Every 2 hours. After dinner at about 6 pm I could not force another meal down. So I skipped 2 meals each time.

But it really works the way my abs cut after the first time. It was like Holy Shit!

I got the days wrong on this! The left pic was Wednesday morning!

Weekly Results!
Even though I am following maintenance I am down 4 lbs! Shocked! I lost an inch in my waist and gained 1/4 in my rear. That means the booty is lifting!!
Now for the pics!!!!




Do I recommended this program? YES X 10000000000! Is it tough? Absolutely. The hardest part really is the meal plan and talking myself out if the bad choices. I’m a stay at home mom and kids snacks are EVERYWHERE! If it doesn’t challenge it doesn’t change you!

Now bring on week 2! I got this!!


Would you like to Join me for a Challenge?


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