Body Beast Again? !

What more Body Beast???  Well I liked it the first round so much that I decided to jump into a round 2 (Seriously I normally take some time between them or sporadically do a workout here and there. I have never done more than one round of a 60-90 day program. Why? Because I tend to get bored with doing the same thing over and over? I am a creature of habits with doing a workout, but I want to do something different. That may be why I own so many! Plus I happen to get a nice discount! Want to know how?  Go HERE)

And this is the 30 day results I got for round 2.



Here are my results from day one till NOW!!



Check out my Coach/Challenger who is doing it with me!


Look at her waist!


She’s doing AMAZING!!!!

Sadly I am going to be putting the rest of my round 2 on hold… I just could not wait to test out the NEW 21 Day Fix Extreme!! So I will be doing that and then I will go back to finish up Body Beast.

Want to join me in a Challenge?

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