Why I decide to focus on Me!

So that sounds kind of bad right? But really think about it. You become a mom or dad, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend. You get the picture… But what happens to you??

You kind of get lost in the shuffle of life. Your running around like crazy, before you know it your not even sure who you are anymore. Or who you used to be. You are just kind of lost. Or at least that’s what happened to me.

You see I was never a fitness junky. I quit  just about every sport and my friend and I were talking the other day. She’s like you used to hate ever exercise. Like we would jog. I’d be like I need to stop I’m gonna die. So how did I get here?


For starters I lost my dad at 20 to a heart attack. Completely preventable. I said I would workout so I could eat what I wanted. But would get discouraged when I saw zero results and just quit. I hated my body. All I say was saggy stretched skin. I could not see the beauty in the fact that I brought beautiful babies in the world.

What changed? I saw my future. I was following the same path as my father. I did not want to do that to my children. I refused to. So that’s what started this journey. But its shifted since then.

I changed my diet and started exercising. I started to see results!! BOOM! BUT I still wasn’t where I wanted or needed to be. I wanted to be happy. When you hate yourself, it carries out in other ways. I was unhappy with my whole life. And it wasn’t my fault at all… Right? Ha. It was.

I needed to learn to love myself. I’m finally there. Through challenge groups. I’ve stuck to meal plans and workouts. I’ve changed my body more than I ever thought I would. But that’s not all they have done. I learned to change the way I think. I learned not to think bad about myself and others. That everyone has a different story. That positive attracts positive and that negative will poison your life.


So taking the time for me daily. Has all around made me a better person. I work on myself in ways that I used to think was stupid. Like personal development… I make a proactive choice to attack my problems. I am taking them down one by one. I workout (do I love it while I’m doing it? Nope! Still don’t… I love the feeling after.) I eat healthy. (Not saying I don’t ever enjoy fattening foods. Cause I definitely do)

That’s 3 little things. That I do daily that completely changed my life. Making me a better Mom, wife, friend, and coach. It all started with a small thought of today I’m going to do this for me. Everything else can wait.


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